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Geological Potential Hydraulic Fracturing Kentucky Illinois  

The Illinois and Appalachian Basins, are some of the more mature Basins of the World, known as, "the most drilled, yet least explored". Considering the majority of wells have been drilled shallow (400-2000 ft.) with only a few reaching the 6000-7000 ft. range, these levels could hold attractive pay zones (Rome, Basal Sand). The main productive levels are: Fort Payne (Mississippian), Black Shale (Devonian), Corniferous, Blue Sand, Yellow Cap (Silurian), Leipers, Sunny Brook, Murfreesboro and Knox (Ordovician).

The recently discovered hydrocarbon structures in these basins, are clear signs of the future geologic potential!

With acreage on attractive geologic areas, the exploration and development managed by high level professionals, Angel Rose Energy, is positioned for aggressive growth!





Drilling horizontally is the most efficient way to drain the reservoir.... rapidly and thoroughly for a higher return on investment.

Now its the time to do Horizontal Drilling, we look forward to talk with potential Accredited Investors.Please call at 1800-764-6536


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